Address: 95 W 11th St #102, Tracy, CA 95376

Address: 95 W 11th St #102, Tracy, CA 95376

Neck Pain FAQs

If you are suffering from neck pain, you already know how much it can affect your quality of life. Whether your neck pain was caused by years of repetitive stress or a recent accident, a chiropractor can help. Of course, it's not uncommon for people to have a lot of questions when it comes to chiropractic care. While our chiropractor at Rawlinson Chiropractic in Tracy, CA, will answer all of your questions, we've gathered some of the most commonly asked ones here.


How long will it take to fix my neck pain?

The exact length of time and number of appointments that will be necessary to completely alleviate your pain is determined by several factors that include the severity of the pain, your overall health, and the nature of the injury. Many of our patients tell us that they have some pain relief after their first session. Many patients have appointments once a week or more at the beginning of treatment.

How does a chiropractor relieve pain?  

Muscles, joints, ligaments, and connective tissues that have been forced out of their normal healthy positions will become inflamed and start to swell. Our chiropractor will perform a series of adjustments to restore the body’s natural alignment. This will relieve your pain, restore your range of motion, and improve your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Is it possible for the pain to go away permanently?

Absolutely. While it usually takes multiple sessions to accomplish this, eventually the muscles will go back to their healthy positions. Once this happens, the muscles will no longer put pressure on the nerves, and the pain will be gone. We normally recommend making appointments once a month once you've reached this point to maintain the positions and ensure that nothing moves back.

Chiropractic Care in Tracy, CA

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